Milestone paid off first home

January 29 2020

Back in my 2018 “year in review” post I mentioned that towards the end of the year we shifted from aggresively paying down the mortgage to investing more into our 401k. Since that time we have just been making the minimum payments on our 15 year mortgage (First home /... [Read More]

Milestone 100k invested in stock market

March 9 2019

I’ve heard people throw out the 100k number a significant number to have invested, a number where the investments can really start to take on a life of their own. At this number a 10% growth in the stock market results in 10k gains. At this point the ball really... [Read More]

The year in review

December 15 2018

This year has been a pretty good and steady year, I feel like we’ve just been chugging along maintaining a healthy savings and investments throughout the year. Though i’ve been dabbling in cryptocurrency which I admit is a bit of a gamble and far from a sure thing. [Read More]